All data collected by Niche4Health will be stored and handled in a strictly confidential manner. Nothing shall be lent, rent or sold to any other party nor be made public in any other way. The information you share with Niche4Health will be handled with the utmost care. The goal in the registration of personal information by Niche4Health lies in delivering tailormade editorial and commercial information for our visitors.

We use your IP-address for processing problems with our server and for administrative processes of our website. Furthermore, the IP-address is used in order to recognize returning visitors. Our website make use of so-called cookies. Cookies consist mostly of standard internet technology enabling us to store certain login information and to make these available on the user’s system. Cookies cannot be used to identify persons, just to identify machines. Each visitor can configure his/her computer in such a manner that cookies will not be accepted.

The registration forms presented to users provide us with both personal and professional information (such as name, address, email and job destription). Additionally, our website containers links to other websites and websites of (business) partners who are not a part of Niche4Health. We cannot be held accountable for the privacy policy nor content of these websites.

In rare cases Niche4Health will share your information with carefully selected partners in order to provide a better customer experience and –service. In this case we will always inform you prior to sharing it with said partners.

Some of our online domains, such as our Facebook account, are visible to the wider public. All information you share on these online sites are part of the public domain. Please do be careful with any information you might share on those sites.

Niche4Health uses online security technologies to prevent, loss, damage or any other derogation of information. Niche4Health will delete any registrated visitor (and her or her personal data) from its database if said visitor makes this request. In addtion to this, visitors are also enabled to delete or change their stored personal information by themselves.

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