When is the best time to consume Hydrolyzed Collagen?

We advise taking our Hydrolyzed Collagen before going to bed because your body actively recovers during your sleep. However, you could just as well take our collagen with your breakfast or after a workout.

What should I use to mix my Hydrolyzed Collagen with?

One levelled off scoop (included) of collagen is exactly 10g. This can be dissolved in any type of foodstuff. For instance: tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, yoghurt, sauces and soups. The product itself has a very neutral taste so it can be mixed with anything!



How often should I take Hydrolyzed Collagen?

In the first month of use, the results will be limited. During the second month, results will be clearly noticeable and visible! This is due to the fact you’re your body must first build up a certain collagen level. Once that is established, you’ll start noticing and seeing the difference. From moment onwards we advise to take your daily scoop of collagen in the following intake cycle: 25 days ‘on’ and 5 days ‘off’, 25 days ‘on’, 5 days ‘off’ etc, etc.


As it does with caffeine, sugar and many other products, your body tends to build up a tolerance for our product. If you quit taking collagen for 5 days after the 25-day cycle, you’re basically ‘resetting’ your body for optimal results when resuming collagen intake. Your body loses its built up tolerance and the results will be as good as possible when you starting using collagen again! For this reason, we’ve designed our containers to be 250 grams; exactly 25 levelled off scoops (included) of collagen powder to last you 25 days. After 5 days of ‘rest’ exactly a month has passed and it’s time to open up another jar.. 😉